Leave a gift in your will

The Institute of Welsh Affairs was established almost 30 years ago. During that time we have made an important contribution to Welsh life whilst remaining an independent, well-managed and deep-rooted organisation. However, we know that our work will take many years to complete, and sustaining the work of the IWA will not become any easier in the difficult economic times ahead.

As one of the few bodies in Welsh public life not to receive funding from the Welsh Government we are truly independent of party or faction, as such we are well placed to play the part of critical friend. But we can’t do it alone, and we certainly can’t do it without our members.  Your support helps us to continue our important work for Wales.

If you value our role in helping to strengthen civil society in Wales, you may wish to consider making a gift through your will to ensure that we can continue to build on these foundations for the sake of future generations of Welsh citizens.

Whether large or small, a gift of this kind will have an important, practical impact on our work. It is also a way of extending the impact of your own generosity beyond your lifetime. If you are considering remembering a charity in your will, please think of the IWA.

It is always important for you and your family and for any other recipient that the wording of a will expresses accurately your own wishes. We would always recommend that you seek professional advice.

If you would like to leave a gift or legacy to the Institute of Welsh Affairs, this can be arranged with the person writing your will. They will need our charity number: 1078435.

We would be pleased to help you, should you wish to discuss options with our own staff. But if you have already decided to make a bequest to the IWA in your will, please let us know, so that we can express our thanks to you in your own lifetime.

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your will, or any other way of supporting the IWA, please contact Laura Knight on 029 2048 4387.