Welsh air ambulances

Rhodri Davies introduces the Wales Air Ambulance service:

Wales Air Ambulance is a registered charity providing emergency air cover for those who face life-threatening illness or injuries. Since its launch on St David’s Day in 2001, the three red helicopters stationed in Mid, North and South Wales respond to around 1,500 emergencies a year, saving countless lives across Wales.

Owing to the diversity of the landscape in Wales, the service is vital for reaching both the remote countryside and busy towns and cities when time really matters. From mountain tops to back gardens, the helicopters can be anywhere in Wales within just 20 minutes.

In heavily congested urban areas, the ability to land within close proximity of the patient has proved critical in response to road traffic accidents. Equally, a helicopter can make a vital difference in rural locations, saving valuable time in areas where a land ambulance simply can not reach.

It is widely believed that a patient’s chances of survival and early recovery are significantly increased if they receive the right care within the first hour, otherwise known as the ‘Golden Hour’. The fast response times of the air ambulance crews and their ability to reach such difficult locations increases the chances of a patient receiving definitive care within the this crucial hour.

Wales Air Ambulance is funded by the people of Wales, relying on the public support to help keep their three helicopters flying 365 days a year. The charitable service does not receive direct funding from central government. Additionally, because of its role as an emergency service, it also fails to qualify for National Lottery funding. The money is therefore raised through charitable donations, fund raising events and membership of their ‘lifesaving lottery’.

For more information on Wales Air Ambulance and how you help please visit the website or contact your nearest fundraising office on 0844 85 84 999.

Rhodri Davies is Regional Development Manager for Wales Air Ambulance.

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