Issue 68: Ukraine: What Can we Do?

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The Cost of Survival Polly Manning on Wales’ poverty crisis

Authoring a Life Gareth R. Jones trawls the Jan Morris archive

We really need to talk about work Jean Jenkins kickstarts the conversation

Land and Community Chris Blake makes the case for local control

Whose Voices, Which Land? Grace Quantock on the new nature writing


Petrol on the flames Adam Johannes asks how we can oppose the war in Ukraine

Ukraine: how to respond? Susie Ventris-Field on our role as global citizens

Women and the war Jenny Mathers on Ukraine’s feminine resistance

Diversifying volunteering Caroline Gregory explains why refugees don’t need old clothes

A trade union revival? Joe Allen and Nisreen Mansour on a global trend

Workers and the Climate Crisis Shavanah Taj on climate justice and fairness for workers

Blinded by hubris Gareth Evans says Curriculum for Wales still faces major challenges

Bringing Wales to the world and the world to Wales Kirsty Williams on Taith

How to plant 300 million trees Gerry Holtham and Karel Williams on how to reach net zero

Trees and Tipping Points Richard Edwards questions the contribution of trees to targets

Leading the green energy transition Helen K. Thomas on RWE

Tales of a Changing Landscape Cam Elizabeth on Treherbert’s ‘Skyline’ project

Who owns Wales? Sioned Haf asks a taboo question


What myths will carry us forward? Merlin Gable on landscape and identity

Poetry’s place in the climate crisis Hywel Griffiths explores a creative relationship

The pandemic and precarity Marlen Komorowski and Steffan Donnelly asses Covid’s impact on freelancers

Brittle With Relics Lee Waters enjoys Richard King’s sweeping oral history

Welsh (Plural) Marine Furet assesses nineteen essays on Wales’ future

Gorwelion, Shared Horizons Zoe Brigley hails as a ‘barometer’ a collection of climate poems

A470: Poems for the Road/Cerddi’r Ffordd Dylan Moore takes to the highway

The Dossier Yasmin Begum hails Michael O’Brien’s ‘raw’ documenting of miscarriages of justice

Q&A Jannat Ahmed talks about a cash injection for Lucent Dreaming