Live Learning Partnership: Your Pandemic Story


Life is different now. Coronavirus has changed the way we live, work and play. 

Some things have changed for the better, others for the worse – and we want to learn from this to make things better in the future, for everyone. 

To understand the ongoing impact of the pandemic on individuals, work, the community and the world around us, we need to listen to people’s experiences.

On 8 December, the Institute of Welsh Affairs and the Wales Co-operative Centre, alongside 8 other partner organisations, launched a new initiative to gather these stories using the online storytelling tool Sensemaker®. The Live Learning Partnership is the name for this initiative.

Unlike other surveys, SenseMaker® combines stories and numbers – human wisdom and data analytics, to ensure that the quantitative data always has the meaning and context of qualitative narratives.

It’s not our intention to collect personal information about people, this tool will be used to spot general trends and patterns for us to better understand how the pandemic has affected us all.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could help our work.  Please click here to add your own story in English or in Welsh.

The Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) and the Wales Co-operative Centre (WCC) are co-leaders of the Live Learning Partnership, along with:

• Business In the Community (BITC)
• Cardiff Business School (Cardiff University)
• Care Forum Wales
• Community Housing Cymru (CHC)
• Cymorth Cymru
• The Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team (EYST)
• Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA)
• Y Lab (Cardiff University/Nesta)

The IWA’s role in this project is part-funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.