What do the parties stand for ahead of the election?

Ahead of the General Election, what does each of the parties say they stand for?

With just two weeks to go until one of the closest fought elections in decades, nobody can fully predict the shape of the UK Government for the next five years.

The election campaign for this tight race only officially began at the end of March, yet feels like it has been in full swing since last year. The parties have each been forward in saying that they would do a better job in power than the other candidates, and last year’s stories around NHS performance in Wales showed an early turn of negative campaigning between the two main parties. With all these negatives, it it sometimes difficult to see what each party actually stands for.

Audioboom have compiled a playlist of Heart News interviews with representatives from each of the main parties in Wales, which all centre around the question ‘What does your party stand for?’ Hear their responses below.

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