IWA Podcast: May’s first PMQs and Smith’s challenge to the Labour leadership

The new IWA Podcast reviews Theresa May’s first shot at PMQs.

Theresa May’s first Prime Minister’s Questions showed anything but the ‘boredom’ some political commentators had predicted. In a fiery exchange between the new PM and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, May pushed Corbyn on the divides within his party and when questioned on worker’s rights looked directly at the opposition leader and stated:

“A boss who does not listen to his workers…Remind him of anybody?”

Also in the news is Owen Smith MP’s sole challenge to Corbyn in the Labour leadership election, with Angela Eagle dropping out on Tuesday night.

To review these events Jess Blair is joined by Daran Hill from Positif, Mia Rees from the Welsh Conservatives, Owen Hathway from NUT Cymru and Rhianon Passmore, the Assembly Member for Islwyn, for the latest IWA Podcast.

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