A new Prime Minister and a challenge for Labour leader

The IWA Podcast discusses Theresa May’s impending move to 10 Downing Street and Angela Eagle’s leadership challenge to Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s been a rapid turn of events in Westminster today. With Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal of her candidacy for Conservative Leader, Theresa May becomes the new Prime Minister without having to go through the full battle leader. David Cameron has this afternoon announced that he will step aside following Wednesday’s PMQs, allowing May to take her place in Number 10.

Elsewhere, Angela Eagle has announced her candidacy as Leader of the Labour Party in an attempt to overthrow current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The latest IWA Podcast discusses the day’s events. Jess Blair is joined by Rhiannon Passmore, the new AM for Islwyn, Nick Ramsay, AM for Monmouth and Daran Hill, MD of Positif.

One thought on “A new Prime Minister and a challenge for Labour leader

  1. Good sound discussion, but not a good sound (put a blanket up on the wall, or something)!

    In the new political landscape – Senedd 5 and Referendum – I was a bit discomfited to hear such an enthusiastic ‘return to the old order’ being accepted quite so readily, with a rather too exuberant discussion of leadership in the Westminster parties. Yes its exciting for politicos, but surely this is THE time to try and distance ourselves from the Broken Parliament. Its not going to end well.

    In the short term all this is of interest to us, but in long term, do we not just cut away the dead wood and let them burn on a big bonfire. Time to say: ‘this is what we want, and this is how its going to be’. Isn’t it?

    And what about the strange disappearance of Carwyn FM Jones. Where is he? What is he doing? I hope, for the sake of the country that he is in deep discussion with someone sensible about how to get us out of this hole.

    Chris Coleman for FM, I say. “Dare to dream”. He could be on to something there.

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