Since the creation of the National Assembly for Wales in 1999, there has been increased divergence in Wales from the rest of the UK. With powers over education, health and parts of the economy, Wales is now pursuing different policies and having different results in these areas. Yet, the ability of the media to report on these Welsh developments over this time has actually decreased.

Our work on the media has audited the situation and found that content about Wales has reduced sharply; English language TV has decreased, S4C has faced a significant cut in its central funding and Welsh newspaper circulation has declined considerably over just the last ten years.

We’ve produced two leading Media Audits; in 2008 and 2015. This is some of the only work to map this situation across the sector in Wales and suggest policy solutions for how media representation of the nation could be supported and improved. Our Media working group is hugely active in this area and has been key in preparing a robust Welsh response at a time when the media landscape is changing. Our submissions to the DCMS Public Consultation and the Independent Review into how the BBC is Governed and Regulated can be found below.

In 2016 we’ll be continuing our work on the media as more change comes to Wales as the UK Government conclude their Charter Review of the BBC.

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Featured Media Work

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