OECD report into the Welsh Education- The IWA Podcast

Professor David Reynolds joins Jess Blair to discuss the Welsh education system in the latest IWA Podcast.

Today has seen the long awaited publication of an OECD report into Welsh Education system, which has found a failure in Wales to produce a long term vision for education.

Despite the report praising ‘positive learning conditions’, issues surrounding teacher calibre and the  indicators used to measure performance were highlighted in the OECD’s findings.

Joining the IWA’s Jess Blair to discuss the report and wider themes in the Welsh Education system is Professor David Reynolds, Senior Education Adviser to the Welsh Government, and Professor of Education at the University of Southampton.

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2 thoughts on “OECD report into the Welsh Education- The IWA Podcast

  1. Teacher calibre? I’m seriously amazed this topic can be discussed without mentioning the elephant in the room! David Reynolds certainly must be thinking it. The smaller the pool you are selecting from the lower the calibre as supply cannot keep up with demand.

    The profession of teaching in Wales is rapidly becoming a closed market to the majority, with a very definite glass ceiling that you are unlikely to progress beyond if you do not speak Welsh. The cleverest and most able young people choosing a career would be unlikely to choose teaching if they do not speak the language – they would be limiting their potential and they know that. They are far too sharp to get into a career where they are at risk of seeing less able teachers promoted ahead of them.

  2. Hi Comeoffit,

    Teacher calibre is a key theme of the podcast above. We welcome feedback on the podcasts though.



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