Reflecting on the Silk Commission

In the first of a new series, Paul Silk reflects on the recommendations made by the Silk Commission earlier this year.

With less than four weeks to go before Scotland makes its momentous decision on whether to stay within the union, the IWA and the UK’s Changing Union Project has been exploring the implications for Wales.

In March the Silk Commission concluded its three year inquiry into the Welsh devolution settlement.The report called for a reserved powers model for Wales, the model of devolution already seen in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The dispensation of policing and the justice system was also examined. While the report found that some powers such as those surrounding youth justice could be devolved almost immediately, a ten year timescale was outlined for the full devolution of policing and the justice system to Wales.

At a special conference on September the 11th, the IWA will be bringing together some of the key figures in that debate to revisit the Silk Commission’s recommendations in the light of the Scottish vote. Ahead of that conference we are running a series of videos looking in turn at some of the key elements of the Commission’s findings.

In this first video Chair of the Silk Commission on devolution in Wales, Paul Silk gives his thoughts on the publication of their second report earlier this year, and talks about some of the thought processes the commission went through before making their recommendations.


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