The IWA Podcast- the Smith Commission

Lee Waters, Cathy Owens and Ed Poole discuss the Smith Commission in the latest IWA Podcast.

Thursday the 27th November saw the publication of the report of the Smith Commission, the commission established by David Cameron in the wake of the referendum.

The report sets out cross party recommendations for the next steps for devolution in Scotland, endorsing:

  • The Scottish Parliament to have the powers to set income tax rates and bands along with receipts from the first 10% of VAT to be assigned to Holyrood.
  • Some welfare devolution to include; powers to vary the under occupancy charge (bedroom tax), benefits for carers, disability allowances and fuel allowances.
  • Air passenger duty to be devolved
  • Powers over Scottish Parliament and local elections to be devolved

These recommendations mark a big step for the future of Scotland and have great implications for the UK as a whole, but Scottish Ministers have claimed the report doesn’t go far enough. A Scotland Bill will now be published on Burns night, in Mid January, to formally take forward these recommendations, but this legislation won’t be completed before the General Election in May.

In this edition of the IWA podcast, Lee Waters, IWA Director, Cathy Owens, Director of Deryn and Ed Poole, a Lecturer in Politics at the Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University discuss some of the bigger issues arising out of this report.

Does this report ensure a stable settlement for devolution in Scotland and what are the implications for Wales, England and the UK as a whole? Listen below and join the debate on Twitter with the hashtag #IWAPodcast.

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