A vote against a Lib Dem in the Cabinet

Gwynoro Jones explains his reasons for voting against Kirsty Williams joining the Welsh Cabinet.

I am still reflecting on Saturday’s ‪#‎WelshLibDems meeting. Some 100 people out of a membership of around 3000 were present: no endorsement at all. The truth is only the ‘fan club’ were present!

Nevertheless, a crucial decision was taken. I voted against Kirsty Williams joining a Welsh Labour cabinet, not because I am against the idea per se – in fact as a former Labour MP and social democrat, I think it is good news. I am a believer in a‪ #‎progressivealliance in UK and Welsh politics. ‪No. I voted against because of the hypocrisy of the situation party members were being asked to support.

Just hear this:
’17 years of continuous Labour Government and they have failed to even get the basics right.’

There’s more:
‘Don’t blame devolution because the Welsh Government hasn’t delivered; don’t blame devolution that the people’s voices remain ignored; don’t blame devolution for 16 years of falling standards. Blame Labour!
Not Leanne Wood nor ‪‎Andrew RT Davies not even ‪‎UKIP Wales.’

These are Kirsty’s words in the last few weeks!

The truth is that the Welsh Liberal Democrats are a party struggling with organisation, strategy, identity and future. On Saturday there were over four hours of debate, but I doubt if the name Liberal Democrat was used half a dozen times – but ‘Liberal’ whether as an individual, organisation and values and policies mentioned endlessly. I thought I was back in the Liberal Party of the 1970s! And that is where we are now in electoral terms too!

Good AMs lost their seats; up to 20 staff were made redundant – but it seems that there’s an attitude that ‘never mind, one person came shining through.’ I am greatly saddened over the state of the party.
The remorseless pursuit and implementation of the ‘cult of personality’ politics and strategy for over a decade has brought the Welsh Lib Dems to this point, I am afraid.

Gwynoro Jones is a former Member of Parliament for Carmarthen. This blog was first published on his personal blog site: http://gwynorojones.blogspot.co.uk/

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