4 thoughts on “Why Open Government is the route to better government in Wales

  1. Legislative devolution in Scotland and Wales has failed. Legislative devolution in Northern Ireland had already failed when it was extended to Scotland and Wales. The solution to failure is never more of the same… Especially when the same failures are running it. Less government is more – abolish these failed legislative bodies before they do any more damage.

  2. As a 73 year old and very ordinary ‘pleb’ when can I and other people meet with CIVIL SOCIETY and discuss open government and what that means in reality!!!.I live in ordinary village in V o G,however it is being destroyed by massive lorries thundering through every 5 minutes,but small local council,ordinary people are ignored by local government/police whether open or closed!!.I suppose when an elderly person/child is killed then we might see some action.Lets be honest the powers that be in Wales that only functions through money generously provided by our next door neighbours is run by a small group in government/media that ignores the wishes of ordinary people.

  3. Yes John. Direct rule from Westminster really is the answer to the governance of Northern Ireland. You only have to look at how hundreds of years of that particular system worked to see how that turned out. Or could it be that your selective understanding of history is based on an idealised view of the past that flies in the face of the facts that demonstrate just how brutal that particular regime was?

  4. I’m all for open government and transparecy.

    “Mr Jones is currently in Washington meeting with business leaders and politicians, and will also hold high-level talks with senior representatives of the British Embassy to express his serious concerns.”



    Why do we never hear of what is said at our First Ministers overseas meetings. I don’t know if Carwyn Jones is back from the USA yet, but Walesonline or any other branch of Wales’ media has not yet reported anything – not even a Welsh government press release?

    Shouldn’t the Welsh people have a right to know what business leaders and foreign politicians our First Minister has been speaking to?

    Open democracy starts with the First Minister does it not?

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