The IWA Podcast: Assembly recall & Wales’ fiscal deficit

In the first of the election specials for the IWA Podcast Daran Hill and Gareth Hughes discuss the steel crisis.

The Assembly will be recalled today to discuss the future of the steel industry in Wales, following Tata’s announcement that they intend to sell their UK business, including their Port Talbot plant.

Alongside this a report from the Wales Governance Centre has been published showing a fiscal deficit in Wales of almost £15bn.

In the first election special of the IWA Podcast Jess Blair is joined by MD of Positif Daran Hill, and Golwg’s Assembly Correspondent Gareth Hughes, to discuss these issues. These weekly podcasts will run up to the Assembly elections on May 5th.

You can listen to the podcast below and let us know what you think at #IWAPodcast.





Jess Blair is the Policy and Projects Manager for the IWA. Daran Hill is MD of Positif. Gareth Hughes is Golwg's Assembly Correspondent.

2 thoughts on “The IWA Podcast: Assembly recall & Wales’ fiscal deficit

  1. This first election podcast is interesting, providing an opportunity to be reminded of a few of the critical social, political and financial issue facing Wales today. The comments on the ‘respective’ roles and responsibilities apropo Port Talbot… that may be forthcoming from Cardiff Bay and Westminster will be helpful when being informed through the debates, decisions and actions, that will follow over the next few weeks. Remarks on ‘action’ over ‘talk’ and being reminded of how poor Wales is, in an unbiased and neutral way, gave a sense of harsh realism, that can only be helpful in forming views and opinions, over the next few weeks, in this present political and industrial climate. I look forward to the other podcasts in the coming weeks.

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