Theresa May can deliver for “a New Britain”

Byron Davies MP says Theresa May has the vision to meet Britain’s challenges

Theresa May needs no introduction – she is known throughout the United Kingdom for being one of the longest serving Home Secretaries over the last century. As a former police officer, I fully appreciate that being in the Home Office for six years and not only surviving but thriving, is an outstanding achievement in itself. Under the previous Labour administration, we had six Home Secretaries and countless Policing and Home Office Ministers. This is testament to not only the difficulty of the job, but the complexity of it. This is where our new Prime Minister thrived. She is simply one of the most studious, considered and intellectual operators that I have encountered. I have always admired her and she has deeply impressed me over the years. Since becoming a Member of Parliament in 2015, I have witnessed first-hand her performance as Home Secretary and this has only served to increase my already unwavering belief in her ability.

The Prime Minister also understands very deeply the problems that Britain faces – for example, the reason why 17 million people voted to leave the European Union. The reason why many people do not feel part of the growth that certain areas of our country has enjoyed. The Prime Minister has made clear her vision of how we answer these great questions during her maiden speech at the door of 10 Downing Street. Brexit means Brexit. The British people have spoken and we and the Prime Minister have to listen. The appointments that the Prime Minister has made to the Cabinet show that she is serious about leaving the European Union – that will no doubt reassure many of the incredible integrity she possesses.

There is no doubt that the United Kingdom does face many real and difficult challenges in the coming years. One that was addressed immediately, is the future of our great and lasting union of nations that has served to create prosperity and social change across four distinct nations. I was delighted that the Prime Minister referred very clearly in her maiden speech to the importance of the Union. This is but one of the great tasks for our nation and our Government but with these great trials come great opportunities for our nation.

With these challenges, Britain will need to develop every single one of the qualities that Theresa May has shown in abundance. We need someone to champion a nation that embarks on a new stage of its national journey, someone with a strong vision for social justice and someone who can get Britain the very best deal with the European Union. We have to ensure that we continue to play a major role in a continent with which we have been inextricably connected to, through a shared cultural, economic and social history. Not only this, we face significant and real threats to the security of our country and the world. Theresa May has a proven record, considerable ability and the vision to meet all these challenges and ensure that Britain rises to our global challenges. It is possible to have that bright future outside the European Union as a country that focuses on social justice to ensure that everybody in the United Kingdom, feels the rewards of economic growth and that every single person in Britain gets the chance to fulfil their hopes and dreams. I have long been convinced that if there is one person who can deliver for Britain – a New Britain, it is our new Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Byron Davies is the Conservative MP for Gower

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