Our Most Read Articles in 2021

As we wrap up the year, here our 10 most read articles published in 2021.

These were our most read articles this year. We are delighted you enjoyed them.

Refresh your memory of this year’s most popular publications, from constitutional matters to the future of food in Wales.

1. Dylan Moore – After Mohamud Mohammed Hassan’s Death, Wales Needs to Declare a Media Emergency

2. Dr Alan Sandry and Dr Huw Evans – A Proposed Constitution for an Independent Wales

3. Dr Edward Jones and Dr Brian Jones – LONG READ: From a Welsh Economy to an Economy for Wales: Thinking about an independent Wales

4. Dylan Moore – Review: The Welsh Way: Essays on Neoliberalism and Devolution 

5. Harry Thompson – Basic Income Pilot: Mark Drakeford’s Controlled Experiment

6. Andrew RT Davies – Labour-Plaid deal poses serious questions for the Welsh Parliament

7. Duncan Fisher – How to Rebuild a Local Food Economy

8. Prof Gerry Holtham – Rejuvenating Wales

9. Wellbeing Economy Alliance Cymru – Joining Our Voices to Create a Wellbeing Wales 

10. Will Henson, Harry Thompson – IWA Analysis: Our View on the Welsh Government & Plaid Cymru Co-operation Agreement

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Andrew RT Davies is the leader of the Welsh Conservatives.
Duncan Fisher is Project Manager of Our Food, a project of the Conservation Farming Trust, a small not-for-profit company set up to advance agroecological farming in the UK.
Dylan Moore is Editor of the welsh agenda. He writes this in a personal capacity.
Edward Jones is a lecturer in Economics at Bangor University Business School.
Gerald Holtham is an IWA Trustee and Managing Partner of Cadwyn Capital LLP
Will Henson is the IWA's Policy and External Affairs Manager.

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